Welcome to the Trinity Church website! We hope your experience with us will be an uplifting one and encourages you to join us as you make your way through your life’s journey. When I am asked what makes our parish as special as it is, I quickly reply that it is the quality of the people of this parish who make it a dynamic, joyful place of worship. Indeed, Trinity is blessed with warm, caring and compassionate people who are eager to follow the will of God Almighty in a variety of ways. If you have questions (which are encouraged!) and would like to speak with me, feel free to call the office (775-4368) to schedule an appointment—or just drop by. Thank you for taking the time to visit us today and may God bless you and those you love.



Our Biweekly News Letter

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Who We Are

Our Vision

To welcome and make feel welcomed is the mission of every Episcopal Church and Trinity Church is no different. We are so happy that you are interested and will do all that we can to empower you as you travel on your life’s path. Our worship is Christ-centered and joyful and you will find that same joy in the people you meet here. Feel free to join in as much or as little as you please. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our rector Fr. Liam Muller at

What We Do


Here at Trinity we pride ourselves on being a positive influence in our community by serving God through the people of God. There are many ways you can participate—all you need is a desire to make a difference in your community. If you are interested, please contact Fr. Liam at or contact our office at

  • The Community Cupboard
  • Trinity Community Luncheons
  • Dismas House
  • Hosting RSVP's "Operation Dolls" and More!
  • plus Many Support Groups

In addition, there are many ways we serve each other, including:

  • Acolytes
  • Altar Guild
  • Chalice Assistants
  • Choir
  • Christian Education
  • Daughters of the King
  • Fellowship
  • Intercessors (Prayer Tree)
  • Lectors
  • Pastoral Care Team (Vistors)
  • Women of Trinity

When We Gather

Worship Services

Holy Eucharist - Sunday Mornings at 9:30

Healing Holy Eucharist - Thursday Mornings at 10:30am

Christian Formation

Bible Study for All - Thursday Mornings at 9:15

Men’s Bible Study - Friday Mornings at 7:00

Nursery and Sunday School - Sunday Mornings at 9:30

Trinity Group Meetings

Vestry - Third Thursday Evening of Every Month at 5:00

Women of Trinity - First Sunday Morning of Every Month 11:00

Daughters of the King - Second Thursday Morningof Every Month at 11:00